Born and raised in Bath, Somerset, I spent my childhood drawing on walls with crayons and teenage years doodling across my textbooks and test sheets.

It was during my time at school that I became preoccupied with illustration and photography. Indeed, far more so than any other subject (much to the disapproval of most of my school teachers).

For me engaging visual content was more than just a distraction, at the time I had very little interest in anything else. I found the pre-confined structure of the educational system to be wholey uninspiring and stagnant. Looking back I now realise that only a few teachers really understood that any student focused solely on one area of learning, could actually be quite a positive thing.

When I began studying AS and A levels I focussed on photography and art and began to see the two as one medium, this co-insided with a boom in technology and the introduction of affordable laptops and creative software. It became very clear to me that this was what I wanted to do. This was how I would have a career and continue to pursue my passion.

If you’re anything like me, in that you feel you know what you’ve wanted to do with your adult life from an early age, I can strongly recommend the following TED talk on the subject of education.

My background

I now live and work in London. I have become a digital designer and illustrator who absolutely loves his job.

I studied Illustration at Coventry University, graduating in 2009 with a first.

I was lucky enough to start working freelance for a number of studios and design agencies directly after graduation. During that time, I completed projects for Warner Brothers and Merlin Entertainments.

I took a temporary position covering a digital designers position at IPC Media, part of Time Inc, and by the end of the cover period they asked me to stay on.

For over two years I was working on projects that varied between publishing, advertising, marketing, branding, UX/UI, web design and a plethora of media for digital formats.

These days my passion lies firmly within digital design and Illustration, I keep an enthusiastic outlook on creating unique imagery, I have a great eye for detail and ensure that I keep all of my work at a high quality whilst working at speed.

I currently hold the position of Lead Designer at Energy House Digital, a creative agency located in Shoreditch.


You can see my employment history on my LinkedIn page.